The Rules, they are a-changing

Though Mike and I are both the sort of people who are rarely willing to admit we’re wrong (if you’ve seen the 30 Rock episode featuring Liz and Carol’s epic battle on Carol’s plane, well, we could see ourselves going down that path if we’re not careful), after a few wine outings we’ve determined that we were mistaken in a couple of the rules we made. We need to make some modifications.

Rule 5: On each trip, we must get someone at one tasting room to take a photo of us with the person pouring.

This is a great idea, but it’s simply unworkable in certain situations.

For example, Lodi Wine and Chocolate. One of the winemakers told us that over 5,000 tickets were sold to the event. The folks that were pouring were doing a great job making the teeming hordes feel welcome and well-cared for, but in many cases we felt that asking them to take time to indulge our photographic whims would have been too much.

Also, some people just don’t like to have their photo taken. We don’t want to ruin someone’s day by pushing them to get their photo taken with us.

We’ll keep this rule, but add two clauses:

  1. In an overloaded tasting room situation, we will forgo the photo.
  2. When a tasting room employee clearly does not want their photo taken, we will forgo the photo.

Rule Six: We will write about our experience, including our stays and each tasting, in this blog. Entries will go up within 48 hours of our experience. Ideally, posts will happen during our experience.

BWAAAA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Oh, we were so naive with this one. There’s two problems with this idea.

First, if we visit five wineries on a trip, that’s usually five posts going up in one day. It’s like forcing people to sit through your vacation slides; it’s just too much at once.

The second problem is that we’re usually too busy during our experience to write about it. We can take notes, but the real writing happens at home. I have a full-time job; Mike has a full-time business. If we try to plow through all our posts in one sitting, then we get the writing equivalent of palate fatigue and the last winery that we’re writing about gets the short end of the stick.

So, Rule Six Revised: We will write about our experience, including our stays and each tasting, in this blog. Entries will go up within one week of our experience.

So, do you think we’re cheating? Are we loosening the rules too much? Is there a rule you want to see us add? Tell us in the comments!