Michael David Winery: In Love with Lodi

When we first started planning our trip, friends told us, “You’re going to Lodi? Go to Michael David.” When I called the woman we rented a house from for the weekend, she said, “Oh, and of course, you must visit Michael David while you’re here.” We posted on Facebook that we were in Lodi, and friends commented, “So, are you going to Michael David?”

As our last stop on our way out of town, we went to Michael David.

Michael David Winery

The facility is definitely set up to handle large events such as Wine and Chocolate Weekend. There’s a lawn with picnic tables, the winemaking facility in which they’d set up a temporary bar, and their usual large tasting room. We got plenty of attention from the tasting room staffer despite the crowds.

And the wines? Well, all I have to say is, “Go to Michael David.”

Okay, okay, I have more to say than that.

2009 Incognito White: This viognier/chardonnay blend smelled like orange blossoms and had a strong floral quality when tasted. It was delicate and wonderful.

2009 Seven Heavenly Chards: This wine is a blend of Chardonnay grapes from seven different vineyards. It had a milder citrus smell than I expected. The flavor was also more complex that I’d anticipated. It had a smoky, savory mineral taste, like it had been slow roasted over a wood fire. This would go well with goose, turkey or pork (says the vegetarian).

2008 Incognito Rouge: It smelled of caramelized fruit, and had a food-friendly flavor with a high alcohol finish.

2008 Seven Deadly Zins: I’ve seen this at the store many times, but didn’t know the story behind it. The grapes come from seven regional growers, and are blended together to make this zin. It had a caramel lacquer scent, and a blackberry pine flavor with a hint of brown sugar.

2008 6th Sense Syrah: This wine smelled of blackberry and strawberry with a hint of mushroom and pepper, and tasted of caramel and blueberries with leather overtones.

2008 Petite Petit: Blackberry crush flavor. I would have said more, but someone knocked into my glass. I caught the glass, but the wine went everywhere, as you can see in the photo below:

Michael David Winery

2008 Earthquake Cab: This had a fruity blackberry nose with hints of poached apple. There was something sparkly and complex about it. It tasted of tart cherries and raspberries, and had the warmth of warm sugar without being overly sweet.

2008 Earthquake Zinfandel: This was my favorite zinfandel of the weekend. It had a cranberry blackberry nose and a flavor with layers of cranberry, basil, sage and crème bruleé.

2008 Lust Reserve Zinfandel: The nose was full of pepper and oregano, reflecting the wine’s creamy, spicy finish.

2006 Zinfandel Dessert Wine: This had a sweet plum scent. The flavor was something I very much enjoy, a sugared raisin taste with no acid and almost no alcohol hit. It had an aftertaste of brown sugar.

With this tasting, we really ended our trip to Lodi on a high note.

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