Got a Long Island winery recommendation for us?

We’re going wine tasting on Long Island! We’ll soon be taking a trip to New York City and have decided to work in a wine-tasting jaunt with friends.

There’s many tasting options on Long Island. As far as I can tell from the handy Long Island Wine Country site, there are four wineries in the Hamptons AVA on the south fork, and about a bajillion in the North Fork of Long Island AVA, which is about where the appellation name says it is.

The last time I was wine-tasting on Long Island was in 1999. I remember that I went to Channing Daughters and Wölffer Estate. If I remember rightly, I bought jam made from wine grapes at Channing Daughters and a bottle of verjus at Wölffer Estate. Verjus is the unfermented juice of the grape, and boy, was my boyfriend at the time furious when he learned I’d bought something with no alcohol in it! I was overawed by the whole wine-tasting experience.

Those wineries still look intriguing (Channing Daughters especially). I’d like to see what they’re like eleven years on and see if I’m as intimidated now as I was then. But I’m also well aware that it’s nearly an hour drive from these wineries to the wineries on the North Fork. It just doesn’t seem fair to make my companions sit in the car that long just to satisfy my curiosity.

So, valued readers, have you gone tasting at Long Island’s North Fork wineries? Which ones do you recommend?