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Bent Creek: Livermore

Bent Creek Winery www.bentcreekwinery.com 5455 Greenville Road, Livermore, CA 94550 (map link) 925-455-6320 Bent Creek Winery is located in the scenic rolling hills of the Livermore Valley. It’s adjacent to several other winery tasting rooms, making it a convenient destination when you’re tasting around here. The tasting room experience here was the exact opposite of […]

Charles R: Livermore

Charles R Vineyards www.charlesrvineyards.com 8195 Crane Ridge Road, Livermore, CA 94550 (map link) 925-454-3040 I had a sense even before we began rolling down the driveway to Charles R that we were going to like the place. Why? Awww, yeah. Not only is it a wrought-iron arch with the name of the winery, but the […]

Our terrible experience at a nameless Livermore winery

I hate slamming wineries on the Internet. I really do. But our first tasting in Livermore was, without a doubt, the worst wine tasting experience we’ve had in the entirety of the Appellation Trail project. Every time we go out tasting, Mike and I wonder whether the tasting room experience affects our palates. Our experience […]

Eagle Ridge Vineyard: Livermore

Eagle Ridge Vineyard eagleridgevineyard.com 10017 Tesla Road, Livermore, CA 94550 (map link) 925-443-3375 Our visit to Eagle Ridge Vineyard was exactly the kind of experience we were hoping for on this trip, and it restored our hopes for the area after our less-than-stellar experience at the first Livermore winery we visited (which shall remain nameless). We […]