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Our terrible experience at a nameless Livermore winery

I hate slamming wineries on the Internet. I really do. But our first tasting in Livermore was, without a doubt, the worst wine tasting experience we’ve had in the entirety of the Appellation Trail project. Every time we go out tasting, Mike and I wonder whether the tasting room experience affects our palates. Our experience […]

Our progress: Two months, 16 appellations. Wait, WHAT?

When we first conceived this project back in November and December, we originally thought we’d visit 20 wine appellations. Then we decided to stretch ourselves and try for 40. We added a clause stating that “we can only count Monterey County appellations if it’s December and we’re desperate” because, frankly, we thought we’d need it. […]

We’re going on a Southern Central Coast wine road trip! Got any tips?

It’s time for our first — but hopefully not last — wine road trip! On our upcoming wine road trip we will be visiting: Paso Robles. Paso was our first stop on our very first vacation together, all those years ago. Our visit to Paso gave us the first inkling that our relationship would actually […]

We’re going to Lodi! Any tips?

We’re going on a li’l wine trip to Lodi, CA very soon! We’re looking forward to visiting the charming little town with the big, big zins. Having never been to Lodi, however, we’re not sure who to visit (though a look at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition medal winners gives us some ideas). What’s your […]

Got a Long Island winery recommendation for us?

We’re going wine tasting on Long Island! We’ll soon be taking a trip to New York City and have decided to work in a wine-tasting jaunt with friends. There’s many tasting options on Long Island. As far as I can tell from the handy Long Island Wine Country site, there are four wineries in the […]