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V Sattui Winery: Napa Valley – In Search of Snobs

V Sattui Winery 1111 White Lane, St. Helena, CA 94574 (map link) 707-963-7774 If I had to pick just one winery to have on a desert island, I’d be hard-pressed to think of a better one than V Sattui. It’s not just because the wine is good (which it is). But at V Sattui […]

Jessup Cellars: Napa Valley – In Search of Snobs

Jessup Cellars 6740 Washington Street Yountville, CA 94599-1304 (map link) (707) 944-8523 Once again, we’d gone into our trip without very much pre-planning. After all, with over 400 wineries in Napa, we figured we were sure to stumble onto something good even if we just went door to door until someone let us in […]

Artesa Vineyards & Winery: Napa – In Search of Snobs

Artesa Vineyards & Winery 1345 Henry Road, Napa, CA 94559 (map link) 707-224-1668 In an area with something like 400 wineries, sometimes you choose by careful planning, research and recommendations. Other times, it’s “Look at this ad. Cool building! Hey, it’s nearby. Let’s go there!” And thus we decided to visit Artesa. The ad […]

Napa Valley Toffee Company: Napa Valley – The Search for Snobs

Napa Valley Toffee Company 1470 1st Street, Napa, CA 94559 (map link) (707) 224-4907 Once upon a time we would have visited five wineries in a day, but after two we felt like our palates couldn’t fairly judge any more until they’d rested for a long time. We headed back to our hotel for […]

Charbay Winery & Distillery: Napa Valley – In Search of Snobs

Charbay Winery & Distillery 4001 Spring Mountain Road, St Helena, CA, 94574 (map link) (707) 963-9327 The trip up to Charbay took us on a lovely sunlit drive through St. Helena and up into the hills. The road got a bit twisty, but the occasional views through the trees were stunning. Since the penalty […]

Silenus Vintners: Napa Valley – In Search of Snobs

Silenus Vintners 5225 Solano Ave., Napa, CA 94558 (map link) (707) 299-3930 As part of our aforementioned fabulous LivingSocial deal (this is not a product placement! I swear! It was genuinely fabulous!), we received a free tasting at Silenus Vintners. We made an appointment for the earliest time we could, 10am. We got there […]

Napa Valley: In Search of Snobs

It’s been an entire year of tasting wine, and we didn’t go up to Napa until late December. Why? We’d been avoiding it. Neither Mike nor I had ever been to Napa. But we’d heard all the stories. Napa people are snobby, the wine tasting rooms are snotty and mean, the food is way overpriced, […]