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Appellation Trail wrap-up

We decided to do the Appellation Trail for a few reasons. We love wine, it was an excuse for us to go to places we’d never been, and we figured it would be inexpensive and give us an opportunity to see lots of our friends. So how’d that work out for us? Loving Wine I […]

Our progress: Two months, 16 appellations. Wait, WHAT?

When we first conceived this project back in November and December, we originally thought we’d visit 20 wine appellations. Then we decided to stretch ourselves and try for 40. We added a clause stating that “we can only count Monterey County appellations if it’s December and we’re desperate” because, frankly, we thought we’d need it. […]

The Rules, they are a-changing

Though Mike and I are both the sort of people who are rarely willing to admit we’re wrong (if you’ve seen the 30 Rock episode featuring Liz and Carol’s epic battle on Carol’s plane, well, we could see ourselves going down that path if we’re not careful), after a few wine outings we’ve determined that […]

40 wine appellations in one year? You drunks!

We prefer the term “Wine fans” to “drunks,” thankyouverymuch! What’s The Appellation Trail? “The Appellation Trail” is the theme of our vacations for 2011. No, we didn’t misspell Appalachian. We can’t take 3 months off work right now to hike up the East Coast Besides, Bill Bryson already definitively and hilariously covered the Appalachian Trail […]

Appellation Trail: The Rules

In honor of Nikki’s 40th birthday year, we will experience 40 wine appellations in the year 2011. “Experience” is defined as tasting wines from that appellation in as close proximity to those appellations as possible. We will taste wines at the winery tasting rooms or at the winery’s designated tasting location (for example, certain smaller […]