Daily Archives: February 17th, 2011

Lodi Wine Cellars: In Love with Lodi

Lodi Wine Cellars lodiwinecellars.com 112 W. Pine Street, Lodi CA 95240 (map link) (209) 365-6622 Lodi Wine Cellars is a team effort by several local winemakers, who have joined together to create a comfortable space at which they can all sell their wines. When we walked in, one of the winemakers was kicked back on […]

Grands Amis Winery: In Love with Lodi

Grands Amis Winery grandsamis.com 115 N. School Street, Suite 5, Lodi CA 95240 (map link) (209) 369-6805 We’d planned to hit the wineries hard at 10am, but what with cleaning up our rented house and packing the car, we didn’t hit the road until 11am. After a few false starts, we headed to the Lodi […]

D’Art Wines: In Love with Lodi

D’Art Wines dartwines.com 13299 N. Curry Ave, Lodi CA 95240 (map link) (209) 334-9946 There was still a half hour left before tasting hours concluded. Carissa demanded port. And I wasn’t willing to give up on tasting just yet. So we pulled up at a winery that came highly recommended by many sources, including the […]

Klinker Brick Winery: In Love with Lodi

Klinker Brick Winery klinkerbrickwinery.com 15887 N Alpine Rd. Lodi, CA 95240 (map link) (866) 333-1845 Friends: still tipsy, but willing to start throwing down again. Mike: still Mr. Palate Fatigue. Me: at the winery tasting room I’d most wanted to taste from, on what was apparently its first day open ever. Clearly, from the crowd, […]